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Playcare FAQs

Q.  My dog is older.  I'd like him to get some play time, but all day may be too much.  What can you do for older, less active dogs?
A.  We try to be as flexible as possible and meet the needs of all types of dogs and energy levels. We offer Half Day playcare for dogs who may not have the stamina or interest in playing for the full day. Those dogs will play with the pack until lunch time and then be brought back inside into a suite for some rest and relaxation. We then provide potty breaks in private yards for your dog throughout the afternoon until you pick up that evening. We can also schedule more brief "naptimes" or lunch-breaks if you'd like.

Q.  My dog is shy around other dogs and really hasn't socialized that much.  Will he enjoy being with a large group of dogs?
A.  Dogs are descendants of wolves and are pack animals by nature. When in a group, they will instinctively find their place in the pack. This can be an ongoing process but they usually find pack members of their same rank and play with them. It can take a few days for them to feel fully comfortable, but you'd be amazed at how a shy dog will blossom and become one of the more playful ones! If your dog never really develops a positive comfort level with group playcare, we will communicate that with you.

Q.  I take my dog to the dog park and he seems to be always trying to hump other dogs. Sometimes, the other dog will turn around and growl and snap at him. Is my dog appropriate for Playcare?
A.  Humping can be a sign of dominance, and growling/snapping is the other dog's way of communicating that they don't enjoy being jumped on.  The behavior is natural, but can cause issues in the pack if your dog responds aggressively when "corrected" by the other dog. Our staff is trained to curtail and discourage negative behaviors like humping, pestering other dogs, or playing too rough. If your dog is persistent and unresponsive to direction from the staff, then timeouts will be utilized. Highly dominant dogs or dogs who are not tolerant of other dogs invading their space/being jumped on are not good candidates for group playcare. 

Q.  Why do you require that my dog be spayed or neutered?
A.  The main reason is that intact dogs are at greater risk of injury from other dogs.  In a social environment, intact males are often viewed as threats by other dominant dogs. Intact females in the early stages of heat can cause issues within the pack if males start to compete for her attention.

Q.  Is Playcare/Daycare safe for my dog? Could he get bitten by another dog?
A.  When dogs play, they use their paws and mouths and like wolves, their play mimics fighting or wrestling.  In rare instances play goes too far and a dog can get bitten or scratched.  Think of it like a child’s playground.  Occasionally, kids who play hard end up with cuts and bruises.  Rest assured however, that CR takes the safety of the dogs in our care very seriously and takes all precautions to avoid any occurrence of injury. 
We are constantly assessing your dog’s overall health while they are in our care.  In the event your dog is injured or becomes ill while at CR, they will be treated on-site immediately and if necessary, will be transported to one of the many local Veterinarians.  Our Staff are trained in Pet First Aid and our facility maintains a fully stocked Dog First Aid Kit.  We will always err on the side of caution when it comes to the well being of our Guests.  If we feel Veterinary care is appropriate, we will always attempt to contact you first.  However, we will not delay the transportation to a Veterinarian if we feel care is needed urgently.

Q.  My Pooch loves people but doesn’t seem all that social with other dogs.  Is Playcare appropriate for him?
A.  Yes, several of our current clients simply enjoy watching the action from the sidelines and prefer spending the majority of their day being pet and loved by our staff. As long as your dog is not posing a risk or behaving aggressively towards the other dogs, they are welcome in our playcare pack even if they are more of a wallflower than a party animal!

Q.  Are the dogs supervised at all times during off-leash play?
A.  Always!

Q.  How often is your facility cleaned?
A.  We thoroughly clean several times daily both indoors and out.  We also spot clean as needed.   Blankets, beds and cots are always kept clean and toys are safely disinfected daily. 

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