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Canine Republic has arrived! This boutique pet hotel for Dogs is conveniently located in Plano, TX. Whether it be a private suite for an overnight stay or a romping day of play, our canine utopia offers all-inclusive luxury amenities with the sole mission of providing a safe, clean, and loving environment for your beloved pet . . . one wet nose at a time.

All guests vacationing at Canine Republic receive an individualized one of a kind experience.

At CR we are happy to offer all-inclusive pricing to insure that all of our guests here get that relaxing vacation without all the hassles of picking and choosing which amenities they want. 

Each guest will enjoy their own private suite, but don't worry - sleepovers are welcomed!

Also included with your dogs stay is tons of personal attention, hugs, and puppy kisses to create a positive and stress free environment.

Giving Back

It may be stating the obvious, but at Canine Republic, WE LOVE DOGS! Whether it be through charitable donations, fundraisers, voluntary employee payroll contributions, or facility space, we embrace every opportunity to give back to local groups and individuals who work tirelessly day after day to improve the safety, welfare, and rescue of our four legged companions.

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Contact Us

Canine Republic Resort
4900 McDermott Rd.
Plano, TX 75010
Fax: 972-335-3356
Email: info@canine-republic.com

Named BEST OF PLANO for 2016
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