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We strive to give all guests vacationing at Canine Republic an individualized experience, with a suite and activity schedule to fit almost every personality! Guests who stay overnight will have the option to enroll into our group Playcare (compatible dogs only) at no extra charge. We can also adjust the length of the Playcare time to suite your dog's energy level and interest.

Not to worry, if your dog is "too cool for school" we offer private play-yard time at regular intervals so they get plenty of fresh air, exercise, and potty breaks throughout the day. We also have an array of one-on-one activities with our trained Kennel Technicians to choose from, if your dog needs some extra TLC. So whether your dog likes to be the star of the show or is the sweet & shy type, there is activity schedule to meet their needs and ensure they have a positive and stress-free stay! 

All suites are deep cleaned daily with germicide to maintain a clean and sanitary environment. We do our best to photograph all of our boarding guests daily and post the pictures on our Facebook page and we will update you with report cards on their health and behavior as needed. We encourage you to contact us any time to check on your dog during their stay. Our facility is even equipped with a fire suppression system for the safety of all our beloved guests!

Junior Suite ($40 single occupant - 50% off each additional dog in the same suite) 

  • Elevated bedding from Kuranda
  • Most Junior Suites are 4x9 feet large, with a small number of 4x4 suites for toy breeds who prefer a cozier room.
  • Non-absorbent flooring with built-in traction - ideal for senior dogs
  • Best option for dogs who love to be around other dogs and enjoy being able to see the "goings on"
  • Hours of Playcare fun (compatible dogs only) a $25 value

Executive Suite  ($48 single occupant - 50% off each additional dog in the same suite) 
  • Private & Quiet 
  • Elevated bedding from Kuranda
  • Tempered glass fronts
  • Approximately 36 square feet of space - ideal for small dog families or single large breed dogs. 
  • Hours of Playcare fun (compatible dogs only), a $25 daily value

Lodge Cabins ($54 single occupant - 50% off each additional dog in the same suite)  

  • Lodge suites are our most spacious, uniquely themed accommodations - ideal for multidog families or large breed dogs.
  • Quite, relaxing and roomy - our largest Lodge is 10x10 feet!
  • Flat Screen LCD TVs to help your dog feel at home
  • Tempered glass fronts 
  • Observation windows on some suites to allow your dog to look out and watch the world go by
  • Elevated bedding from Kuranda
  • Hours of Playcare fun included (compatible dogs only), a $25 daily value


Included with all Boarding

  • As always, all playcare, medications, hugs, and sweet dreams are included!
  • ½ off for each additional family member sharing same accommodation
  • For an additional charge, we can also provide Dog Lovers Gold premium dog food for all boarding guests at a cost of $2.00 per dog, per day.  
  • All boarding dogs picked up after 4:00pm will be charged a late departure fee of $10 per Dog. 

Add-On Activites & Kennel Enrichement:

Peanut Butter Kong  $5/treat Frozen or fresh Kong stuffed with peanut butter
 Frozen Yogurt Snack $5/treat Homemade Frozen Yogurt treat made of just plain yogurt, peanut butter & bananas!
Neighorhood Stroll $15/walk 15 minute walk on a leash around the quiet park located next door
Romp & Rassle $7/activity 15 minute fetch or tug session with your dog in a private yard
Snack & Snuggle $7/activity 15 minute cuddle session in the dog's suite, with a frozen yogurt treat or whatever treats you bring!
Brush & Hug $7/activity 15 minute cuddle session in the dog's suite, with special brushing attention to whatever areas you specify. We can skip the brushing too if your dog doesn't need it or enjoy it!

Vaccine Requirements

Written proof of current vaccinations including . . . 
Rabies:  Annually or every three years
DHLPP (distemper/parvo):  Annually
Bordetella (aka
Canine Cough):  Once every six months per veterinary protocol
We strongly recommend the H3N1 Flu vaccine.

Boarding FAQ

We allow all breeds to board with us as long as they are not aggressive to the staff. We also allow intact animals to board with us, but your dog must be spayed or neutered to participate in group playcare if they are over 6 months of age. 

If this is your dog's first time boarding with us or if your dog has had vaccination updates since their last stay, please be sure to provide the most current vaccination records showing your dog is up-to-date on Rabies, Bordatella, and DHLPP. You can upload the files to our Customer Portal, or simply fax, email, or bring a hard copy with you when you drop your dog off for boarding.

Our location is:
4900 McDermott Road
Plano, TX  75024
We are located on McDermott between Preston and Ohio blvd, across the street from Sam's Club.

Wondering what to bring with your dog for boarding? We will provide the food and water bowls, and each dog will get a comfy (but chew-proof) Kuranda cot bed in their suite. Beyond that, here are our recommendations: 

  • We encourage you to bring your dog's regular diet and any treats or medication they require. Please take the time to pre-portion each meal into individual ziploc baggies, we greatly appreciate it! 
  • Please bring all meds in their original prescription bottles. Weekly pill organizers are okay as long as you brief us on the type of medication the dog is receiving.
  • We do not recommend you bring toys, as they are easy to misplace and pose a choking/ingestion risk depending on the type. Toys stay in the dog's suite and are never brought to Playcare since many dogs are toy possessive, so please make sure any toys you bring are safe to leave with the dog unattended. Nylabones and other similar chews are generally safe!
  • Let us know if you want us to provide your dog with a blanket in their suite to lay on top of the cot. You are also welcome to bring extra bedding from home if your dog prefers, we just ask that it be machine washable. Bonus points if its also distinctive and easy to tell apart from everyone else's bedding! :)

You can drop off or pick up your dog any time during our business hours, although we do kindly request that you drop off for boarding at least 30 minutes before closing, so we have time to get your dog settled in before we leave.

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